Would saving thousands a month make a difference to your bottom line?
Have you ever had your trash analyzed by a waste cost reduction expert?

Incredible Success Record
Over 95% of our clients experience credits to their accounts and/or significant savings! Many of our clients are saving from 20% up to 60% monthly.

We Only Get Paid If You Save
Getting started with Corporate Waste Solutions requires no funding and no risk. We stand behind our work, if we don’t deliver results, we don’t get paid.

Your Partner In Revenue Recovery and Waste Reduction
Corporate Waste Solutions is the only Bay Area Company specializing in a comprehensive audit of your waste costs. Our biggest competition is apathy and procrastination. We work hard to find waste solutions that save you money - let us show you how. And by the way, you might help the environment too.

We can show you how to save . . .
• On billing errors occurring now or in the past
• Using the latest waste reduction technologies
• By identifying disposal and recycling alternatives

Call us now for a risk-free waste audit.
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