Program Summary
How does the program work?
First we evaluate your current services and invoices to identify any billing errors. Many times a billing error is made and perpetuated each month – sometimes for years. These errors can add up to thousands of dollars in refunds to you.

Second, we determine if the services, vendors, equipment, pricing, etc… is right for you. Our expertise in the waste handling industry will ensure that you won’t pay any more than you have to in the future. We simply split the savings.

Why should I hire a waste consultant?
Trust. Our motivation is the same as yours. Reduction or rebates of your monthly expenses is the only way we get paid. For your haulers or equipment vendors, the more you pay, the more they make.

Program Summary

  1. Agreement – You must first review and sign the agreement that puts us to work for you.

  2. Gather Information – Invoices, vendor information, contracts, etc…

  3. Review Operations – We study the way you and your current waste service vendor(s) currently manage your solid waste and recyclables through an in-depth audit process.

  4. Research – We apply our expertise of the latest technologies, transportation systems, disposal alternatives, and commodity pricing to your area and operations to investigate potential alternatives.

  5. Recommendations – We develop detailed recommendations for the most cost effective improvements.

  6. Discussion and Approval – We work with you to choose or modify the best recommendations for you.

  7. Implement the Plan – As a partner in the process we work with the vendors to implement the approved changes.

  8. Savings – We monitor the results and provide monthly statements of your savings.

  9. Re-analyze – Throughout the term of the agreement we will continue to look for ways to make your business more efficient.

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