Frequently Asked Questions          
Q: What is your typical success rate?
We have encountered only a handful of locations that we found no billing errors, inefficiencies, or rate structure anomalies that could save money for our clients. Our success rate is greater than 95%!
Q: How much can we expect to save?
Savings vary dramatically. Some clients experience savings greater than half of their current costs while others receive only minimal savings. Our clients save on average about 25 to 45%.
Q: How are savings calculated?
Savings are calculated by determining the cost to dispose of the materials using the same methods before the audit (The benchmark) and subtracting the current costs. Any additional costs that are incurred by the new methods are also subtracted from the savings. CWS only shares in the net savings.
Q: What if you don’t find any savings or refunds?
If CWS is unable to provide refunds or savings recommendations that will reduce your expenses, you pay nothing. Corporate Waste Solutions will still provide detailed information that you may find useful regarding your area and operations.
Q: What if the recommendation(s) won't work for us?
It is our job to provide recommendations that will be financially compelling and simple to implement. We only ask that you work with us to implement sensible solutions if we are going to invest our time and energy. Many times, multiple savings solutions are provided. If obstacles to implementing our recommendations exist, we can typically work through those with our customers.
Q: How are your fees structured?
Our fees are based solely on performance. Because we can never guarantee savings or refunds, we do not charge an hourly rate or up-front fees. We provide the complete audit at no charge as long as you agree to split the savings with us.
Q: How much of my time will it take?
We require very little of your involvement. We will need to gather invoices and ask some basic questions before we can begin. After that, we will do most of the work. For a single location, an audit typically takes 4-6 weeks. Some recommendations may require more involvement or training than others.
Q: How can you save us money, specifically?
Unfortunately, we can’t share the specifics of our program until our agreement is signed. Basically, we do everything you would do if you had 100% of your time to focus on the waste your business generates. Every area and business is different, so you can be certain that our recommendations are specific to your needs. There is no "cookie-cutter" approach. Generally, we are looking to apply our expertise to your operations.
Q: We have locations in other states, can you audit those facilities as well?
Yes. We will work together with members of our affiliation nationwide to provide savings for each of your locations.

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